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Becoming more productive in your practice requires an investment in continuous education and the collection of new tools for success.

“If success is so well spelled out, why do such a small percentage of people experience it?”
– Jim Marker

icon-newTelephone Language + Leaving a Message

telephone-language-cdIn this Learn and Earn Training Series CD, Jim Marker delivers to Financial Advisors practical applications for using the telephone in a productive way to make appointments. With tips for creating an environment for success in dialing, examples of conversations, and specific language instruction, this is an audio learning tool you’ll reach for often.

Also includes a BONUS training session: Leaving a Message.

Insights on the Art of Client Building Video | FREE

Jim Marker conveys the importance of language mastery as a key component of confidence, competence and great business relationships.
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Mastering the Science of Client Building Video | FREE

Jim Marker succinctly communicates and reminds us of the importance of meeting fundamental numbers and measurements to ensure success.
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Thoughts on the Sales Cycle Podcast | FREE

Jim Marker provides a brief introduction to Telephoning, Prospecting and Approach.
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1) The Importance of a Professional Approach Podcast | FREE

Jim Marker talks about the language to use in the 2 to 4 minute segment before the Fact Finder.
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2) Prospecting Language Podcast | FREE

Jim Marker talks about detailed, reproducible steps and tools that build your Prospect list.
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3) 5 Question Telephone Technique Podcast | FREE

Jim Marker shows you how to create a dialogue instead of a monologue for that first, important phone call.
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Five Steps to a Successful Financial Services Practice Podcast | FREE

Learn these 5 important lessons, and you’re on your way to success.
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Five Additional Steps to a Successful Financial Services Practice | FREE

Learn these 5 important lessons and your success will last.
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A Pyramid of Virtue Podcast | FREE

Jim Marker provides 14 building blocks of virtue for building your business…and your life.
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"Jim, I am getting great feedback on your work, just as I assured our Managing Directors we would. Thank you very much. Our main need is to increase average productivity per Financial Representative via increasing lives and new clients. You and your philosophy are perfect to help us achieve this." Lew

"Your talk was very moving and engaging. You have particular expectations, and make it clear that “average” or anything below the expectations are not sufficient... I’m sure joint work with you is a treat, and your recruits are lucky to have you." Mike Young Financial Representative