Jim Marker Consulting: One Card Expert

Jim Marker

Put the Services of Jim Marker Consulting to Work for You

Jim Marker Consulting brings energy, experience and enthusiasm to every opportunity for growth and learning within your organization. Focused on the insurance based financial industry, the messages and lessons are applicable and customized to fit any professional situation. How can Jim Marker help you?

Client Builder Facilitation: The One Card System

A successful practitioner of the One Card System, Jim Marker is it’s expert trainer. Using this great tool, Jim helps insurance based financial services professionals get, and keep their business going.

Make Your Next Meeting A Real Success

Energy, experience and a great message all come together when you invite Jim Marker to speak to your group.

Annual Planning & Consulting

Realistic, actionable and achievable: annual planning assistance from a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Round Table, Jim Marker is an investment in results. Jim delivers an on-going relationship with groups of professionals in the insurance based financial services business, and raises the bar on professionalism, implementation and success.

Personal Coaching

Ensuring lasting results and on-going encouragement,  Jim Marker Consulting moves insurance professional forward in the art and science of client building.


"Another of our Financial Representatives likes a challenge and that’s exactly what he gets out of your meetings...I can’t thank you enough for your involvement with my guys. You’ve enriched my life by enriching their lives…" Butch